We have received orders from ten states so far:  Texas, Ohio, Maryland, California, Washington, Wisconsin, Maine, Connecticut, Oregon, and South Carolina.  How wonderful!  How thrilling!  Thanks everybody.  Let your friends know in other states as we go FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA.
May 06, 2014 by Studio Staff
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Veva Silva

Veva Silva said:

What a lovely project! Just stumbled on it researching things in Charleston.

Susan Cope

Susan Cope said:

I saw your story, Christian, on my Liberty University TV station this morning. Joni was doing a program where she introduced us to special people. I am thrilled with your pottery creations. The pieces are beautiful and I can tell they are inspired by God. I am goign to look into getting one of your pieces, or maybe two!! God Bless You!!!


Lisa said:

These pieces are beautiful. Absolutely amazing talent!

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