The Campaign To Sell Christian's Pottery Across America

Chronologically, Christian is in his early twenties, however, his childlike nature is befitting that of a much younger person due to his Down syndrome condition. Christian's occupation for the past four years has been that of a potter. Each morning he goes into his studio and, with assistance, undertakes to make beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of stoneware that incorporate impressions of leaves and laces. Christian's studio and handcrafting skills have equipped him with a vocation.

Christian has been wholesaling his pottery for four years. But, now in 2014, we have opened an e-commerce store to help insure the ongoing sustainability of his business. Thus, the campaign: FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA is a campaign to create awareness and sales of Christian’s pottery in far-off places. If you are reading this, you are probably family, friend, a friend of a friend, or a happy customer. We, unabashedly, would solicit your help in achieving the ambitious goal of selling Christian’s pottery in all 50 states. Consider emailing Christian's link to a friend who might wish to purchase a piece for themselves or as a gift (birthday, teacher, special occasion, etc.). We wish that Christian could understand more completely what he has accomplished with his pottery and what we are now undertaking on his behalf; but, Christian does not get abstracts. He is a visual person who appreciates beauty and enjoys his work.